Nuggets to Live By

Frame your world with the truths of the Word of God. Life demands purpose, and so does the mind. 

Success cannot be achieved without vision, and vision must be captured through the lens of faith.. Set boundaries that guard the heart from the meaningless attributes of life.

That’s right! Be intentional about your life. Be intentional about your dreams. Do not make the mistake of fighting against the same dream you are fighting for. Do not destroy today, that which you will need to succeed in the future. Do not become short-sighted in a moment of fear or passion and make decisions that become permanent.

When God made a covenant with man, He knew the outcome. The purpose of the covenant, was to preserve the relationship despite man’s failure. God’s got you. He wrote it in the covenant.

Now, frame your world, place God squarely in the center. Be intentional and live by the philosophies of truths.

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