The Walk of Fame

Chosen by Divine Providence, and elevated by an effortless climb which leads to a brand that is celebrated by those it calls – my definition of leadership.

Divine Providence of course, because every leader knows they were born for it. Born to be great. Born to cast the die with nine out of ten wins, while the bystander looks on with envy at the ease of rise to power.

And all this is true, except in the mind of the leader. The so-called effortless climb is filled with anxiety, and torments that brings doubt, and fears, and the search for the perfect answer. Let’s not mention the many hats a leader has to wear on any given day. Let’s not mention the need to find a true friend to help carry the torch. 

It seems joy is not found in the task itself, but instead, there is an unseen compulsion to get it done; an un-ending job, not propelled by monetary rewards, yet not silenced by the bulls of defeat.

How do leaders rise to the top? It is in the complexity of their DNA. The wiring is designed to by-pass the nay-sayers and the crabs-in-a-barrel. The circuit can fuse with outside forces to capture light and sound which are translated into brand new material, a rare purity that fuels their passion. Therefore, leaders do not need it to have existed, in order to create it. In fact, the opposite is true, the vision has not yet been captured on any radar.

Exciting, yet bubbling below the surface of all this creative lava are the foundations laid in youth. That’s right: the regrets, the lack, the unsatisfied soul, the pieces of the puzzle which could not be found. These indulgences and their influences all are waiting on their share of the pie – the price of the celebrated one.

Yes, we all come with a price tag, and yielding is part of the pressure. The powers that be, with their influences and indulgences wait patiently in the wings to reap their fair share of the pot. So, how is your walk of fame? What is your price tag?

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