Why We Wash Our Hands

The earth functions on the principle of time and season; and we have learned to honor its seasons, instead of fussing or complaining. Ten years from now, history will tell the 2020 story as a timeshift in the earth; and how it will record the season, depends entirely on how we handle this virus that has changed the earth.

Those of us who are conscious of washing our hands, have somehow been taught the principle, and the lesson either served up fear or it alerted us to the many contact points our hands encounter. Let’s write a story.

The outer layer of the corona virus is made of a lipid layer. For our purposes, we shall call it an oil layer. Think of soap as the police agent that comes and drags the unwilling virus off to the dungeons; while water is the handcuff. Just like the police has different gadgets around the belt, on the shoulder – God knows, I wonder how they manage to walk; someone should combine all those gadgets into one; but… soap has a gadget that bonds with water, and another that bonds with oil. We pump the soap onto our hands, add water, and work up a great lather.

Imagine working up a lather as putting on the handcuffs and bruising the skin of the virus who is resisting so strongly, trying to stick to the skin, holding on; but we are scrubbing, kicking them one by one into the handcuff of the soapy water – palm of the hands, between the fingers, under our rings, around the cuticles, beneath the nail bed, tips of the fingers which we use for texting a million times per day, over to the hard working thumb, down to the wrist, and why not move up the arms? Whew!

Take him to the dungeon Mr. Police, and leave the cuffs on; that dude is bad! That’s when we rinse the hands. Rinsing washes away all the scuff we removed – oil, dirt, gunk, bacteria, viruses, and all. Now, there’s a feeling of clean.

Could we have avoided all that wrestling by using a bit of sanitizer? Certainly! Quick fixes are like security guards. They make the arrest until the cops arrive. Okay Mr. Bad Guy Virus, sit tight in your sanitizer handcuff, do not move a muscle. I’m calling for back-up. Rinsing is the jail cell, where we lock ‘em up, and throw away the key.

What if we applied the principle of washing to hearts wounded by unwanted viruses, or to our minds when they became contaminated, or to our relationships that went sour? Don’t just protect your hands, protect your soul, because you are greater, far greater than just time and season. You are eternal.

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