The earth functions on the principle of time and season; and we have learned to honor its seasons, instead of fussing or complaining. Ten years from now, history will tell the 2020 story as a time–shift in the earth; and how it will record the season, depends entirely on howRead More →


Chosen by Divine Providence, and elevated by an effortless climb which leads to a brand that is celebrated by those it calls – my definition of leadership. Divine Providence of course, because every leader knows they were born for it. Born to be great. Born to cast the die withRead More →

It is commonly reported that man is a complexity of spirt, soul, and body. The body is the physical housing which moves about in the earth, while the soul is the seat of his emotions used to interact intimately with his fellows. The spirit is not so easily defined, andRead More →


The Substance Abuse Dialogue With Emphasis on the Church THE DIAGNOSIS: The Solutions CHILDREN ARE MORE LIKELY TO DEVELOP A PATTERN OF USING DRUGS WHEN SUBSTANCE ABUSE IS PRESENT IN THE HOME. Role models are developed earlier in a child’s life when there is neglect or abuse in the home.Read More →

Frame your world with the truths of the Word of God. Life demands purpose, and so does the mind.  Success cannot be achieved without vision, and vision must be captured through the lens of faith.. Set boundaries that guard the heart from the meaningless attributes of life. That’s right! BeRead More →